Get back to basics with First Principle Thinking

First Principle Thinking (FPT) came onto my radar when watching an interview of Elon Musk talking about SpaceX. I had heard of FPT before, but like most nerds I pay special attention when the Techno-King speaks up in his idiosyncratic way about his secrets behind making the future.

In the interview, Musk said:

“I tend to approach things from a physics framework. Physics teaches you to reason from first principles rather than by analogy. So I said, okay, let’s look at the first principles. What is a rocket made of? Aerospace-grade aluminium alloys, plus some titanium, copper, and carbon fibre…

The quest of clarity in Software Architecture

When designing and building digital solutions there are many principles and best practices that should be applied to ensure your solution is secure, performs well, can scale, is easy and cost effective to run, and ultimately delivers value for the business. This post is about none of those — but rather a quality which is often not given enough time, investment and focus, and one which, when isn’t there, will be the root of many problems.

This quality is Clarity.

What is Clarity

Clarity in this context is an easy to understand systems design, or software architecture, that communicates what…

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Hello, my entrepreneurial, young friend!

Thank you for stumbling onto this page! There is a lot of material on the Internet and I’m so happy you have landed here, at the start of my series, Future Makers, a guide for young, digital entrepreneurs — just like yourself.

Reading the series is going to be worth it, and, I hope will give you a head start you on your exciting journey on becoming a young, digital entrepreneur.

Whatever your talents are — whether you are a writer, designer, maker, musician or business person, you will find out how to use the…

This is the second part from a W.I.P series, Future Makers, aimed at young digital entrepreneurs — aged between 12–18 . Visit the Future Makers Intro Page to find out about this project and see a list of all openly published parts, or catch up on the previous part, How the Internet has Changed the World (and the opportunities it means for you) to learn about how the Internet came to be and what that means for you.

In this part, learn about how digital tools have become an integral part of our lives.

We ended off the last part with a brief time-travel journey from the 1960s to 2020, looking at how, in just thirty…

This is the first part from a W.I.P series, Future Makers, aimed at young digital entrepreneurs — aged between 12–18 .Visit the Future Makers Intro Page to find out about this project and see a list of all openly published parts, or see the read the next part, Our Digital Life, to learn how connected we are to technology.

Step into a time machine and travel back to the beginnings of the Internet.

History was one of my least favourite subjects at school. Looking back (no pun intended), I realise it was more about the way the subject was taught, rather than the subject itself. …

Meetings! Meetings! Meetings! 5 ways to test if they’re really working.

Courtesy of Dilbert

Effective communication is an essential ingredient to the success of an organisation. It is often said that great results are rooted in the quality of interactions between people, as opposed to the quality of the individuals themselves. A team of brilliant minds who refuse to talk won’t get a lot done.

Core to communication is meetings which provide forums where topics are discussed and debated, resulting in decisions and actions which act as the rudder and engine of the proverbial ‘ship’.

Speaking on behalf of anyone in the corporate…

There are times when technology advances and is adopted by developers but the applications and tools built are a step backwards for the end users.

Take electric cars, for example. When electric engines were first introduced to power vehicles, drivers couldn’t drive as fast or as far between re-fuelling. Today, electric-engine technology has finally caught up and is starting to surpass its gas-powered predecessor but the end users had to suffer through a period of adoption and transition.

A second example, and the focus of this article, is the ‘headless CMS‘ where development teams have opted to throw away a…

Hal9000 in 2013 by Anaya-Talvi

Exploring the gap between what we expect from AI and the capabilities of commercial solutions on offer today.

I was recently caught off guard when demonstrating a proof-of-concept chatbot to a senior executive. Let’s call this senior exec, Ralph. Ralph has hair and a face and is a C-level decision-maker who is technically savvy but not technical.

In the demonstration I was showing off a chatbot created using a SaaS platform which has an easy to use, drag-and-drop conversation designer interface. …

Werner Heisenberg was a German physicist who was a pioneer behind quantum mechanics, the branch of science that describes the motion and interaction of subatomic particles. Heisenberg’s contribution and accolades in this field is vast and includes the Nobel Prize for physics in awarded in 1932.

Contrary to what some may think, Heisenberg is not best known for Walter White’s alias in Breaking Bad, but rather for the Uncertainty Principle, a scientific observation which says that we cannot measure the position (x) and the momentum (p) of a particle with absolute precision. …

Mark Rodseth

Technology Director @SomoGlobal. Spends time writing, geeking, dadding, photographing, merching and husbanding. Not necessarily in that order.

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